Tablet Pressure Curve Tool

ENG > This application is designed to improve experience with Wacom tablets. Sometimes you have to press your pen with unnecessary force to get maximum opacity. With driver configuration is possible to change the pen response, but maximum force required for pressing the pen is still the same. This application helps you to modify all three control points of tablet sensitivity curve. Good settings can reduce the force required on the pen and still preserve linear sensitivity so you can hold your pen lighter, protect your pen tip, tablet surface and of course your hand…

CZ > Program pro jednoduchou konfiguraci tabletu Wacom. Rozšiřuje základní nastavení citlivosti hrotu o podrobnější práci s křivkou která převádí tlak registrovaný perem na hodnotu použitou v programu. Cílem programu je umožnit nastavení lineárního průběhu překladu hodnot při menším tlaku na pero samotné.

Some program actions requiring  elevated rights to run correctly.
(It is impossible to restart tablet service without elevated rights)

Tool is not designed for 64-bit systems, but it includes some basic support so it might work…

Video-guide by Matt Kohr
Stylus “Tip Feel” : Ctrl+Paint – Digital Painting Simplified

How to restart a service – simple manual way

(for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Wacom tablets)

Version 1.6 – Development version:
(Enhanced UI, Pen Editor, Multiple Pen support, Wacom ISD support, Experimental Nov 2012+ drivers support)

Tablet Pressure Curve Tool || ReadMe (29/08/2013)

Tablet Pressure Curve Tool (25/05/2013)
Tablet Pressure Curve Tool (25/02/2013)
Tablet Pressure Curve Tool (24/02/2013)

Changelog, Previous releases & Known Bugs

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  1. Hello there, thank you for the pressure tool.

    I think i ahve a problem with it, i dont think it works. I run windows 7 x64, i run the programm with administrator right. When i click apply changes, there is some windows command line window appear, it looks like it trying to do something, but i see “Wrong service name” appear 2 times in that window. After that it asks me to press any key to proceed and it closes.

    When i test chnages in Photoshop, i dont sure i see any. Any advice? :) I tryed to put maximum pressure sensivity very low (almost the botoom of the axis) but i still dont see any noticable chnage.

    Thank you :)

  2. Can you please make program support not wacom tablets, such as Trusts, Geniuses, etc. Most of them uses same macrokey manager, so it would be easy to add them in.

    • I’m sorry, but this tool is designed or wacom, because it is possible to modify wacom configuration files. This is driver-specific tool and it is not possible to easily extend functionality of this tool to another manufacturers :-(.

      • Hey ive used your Tool fort a Long time on my Desktop w/ Cintiq ans it Works linke a Charm.

        Now i Won a surface pro 2 could you Try to male it work on that device top? Tat would be amazing!

        Thanks for the good work!

  3. A couple bug reports:

    The settings on for my Bamboo Capture (CTH-470) on Win7 64bits, with driver version 5.3.3-3, keep getting reset (without me even opening the Wacom Control Panel applet). The automatic service reset isn’t working (I tried manually resetting the service but it doesn’t seem to get reloaded properly); to test it I log off and back in, sometimes it work sometimes it doesn’t, I’m not sure what’s the variable.

    And the lower threshold is overwritten to be 9 less (or perhaps 8, I forgot) than the upper threshold if it is not; and if you set the upper threshold to a too low value the lower threshold overflows (this might be a bug on Wacom’s side, but still shows the numbers are being overwritten).

    ps: Btw, could you please implement a simple painting thing inside the app to test new profiles before applying them, letting us draw with options of having brush size, opacity and/or hue dependent on the pressure according to the profile currently displayed on the the program?

    • Sorry for my really slow reply and thanks for the report. I will investigate these problems, but right now Im really busy at my work so it is not possible for me to actively maintain this tool. I hope, that the situation will change and this tool will get some much-needed attention.

  4. Thanks for that info Karel! I’ll try to keep it as much as default as possible when tweaking stuff.

    And about tweaking, I have an annoying issue right now. I’m trying to lower the needed force for maximum pressure on my 1024 levels Surface pro 2. I started by doing the same as I did with the intuos, keeping a straight line and just lowering the max input. Something like 780 instead of 1024.

    However I soon realized that the new range of pressure is way too low. I can’t really control it as I would with the intuos (obviously due to the 2048 levels). It’s just too compressed.

    So what Im thinking now is making a curve as opposed to a straight line, so that the “path of pressure” has the same length as it would had I not lower the max pressure.

    In your opinion, what would be the best way to make that curve without ruining the opacity range?

    • The “best way” is kind of slippery slope, because each person prefers different response of the pen. I would recommend to investigate settings in your applications, because their internal settings can also make a huge difference in pressure settings (also pressure settings (min. /max. opacity thresholds) each brush). Limiting the sensor is a “hard way” – it works but the price is (with huge tweaks) loss of pressure levels. The tool should allow you to experiment with different curves and settings and also – there should be folder with backups of configuration files after each modification so – feel free to find what suits for you.
      For me also was a good way to improve myself to learn to draw “lighter”. I have a “heavy hand” so i was drawing this way on tablet, but it takes some conscious effort to learn to draw little bit differently.

  5. works great on my surface pro2 also works with the connected lenova thinkvision touch screen monitor.
    this is running windows 8 64 bit on the surface pro 2.
    to get it to work I unticked auto detect services and selected wtabletisd from the drop down.
    this allowed me to adjust the pressure curve on both digitizer screens.
    great tool.

  6. Heyyy Karel!

    I just got a new intuos pro, running latest drivers.

    I was tweaking the sensitivity and noticed that lower threshold starts at 81, same as lower point, and upper threshold is actually 97.

    That is the opposite of what you described in a document I found online, in which you say upper threshold equals lower point.

    Any idea why wacom changed that behavior? What could be the practical effects of that? I cant seem to feel differences when I invert the values.

    • I believe that these threshold values are implemented as safe margins for the pen. These values would prevent misreads and erroneous behaviors of the pen even after heavy usage. So, the values are based on actual hardware (that differs from model to model) and its sensitivity and it is set by wacom engineers with taking into concern all these elements even if it could mean, that they sacrifice some sensitivity for better long-term reliability.
      The sensors are more sensitive, but the pen could wear out and produce after a certain time some erroneous behavior on the “end” of the measurement scale. The tools allows to change these limits so it is possible to improve the sensitivity behind “factory defaults” which usually works without problems.
      The values that you encountered are specific for the device – values you found in the text was specific for some obsolete graphire tablet with 512 values of pressure sensitivity – what was high value for scale 0-512 (or difference between points) is actually quite low value on the scale 0-2048 and it is probably unnoticeable for the user.

  7. not work with win8.1 64bit and intuos 4 :(

    i open (in admin mode) set, and the first time nothing happen
    i open again (in admin mode) set, and seems to work because i close re-open and i can look the my setting.

    Open Photoshop cs6 or cc, and my curve not work, i open again the software, and my setting are again the default….

    in win 7 it work…. but in 8 not.. :(

    have some tips for me ?

    • I’m sorry, but Windows 8 are not supported by this tool (yet).

      The tool is based on older framework that does not support 64-bit systems. To make it work properly it would be necessary for me to buy a new version of development environment (quite expensive) or rewrite the whole thing in other more free / multi-platform way. This solution requires a lot of time that i don’t have now.

      At least is still should be possible to manually open Wacom configuration file. Edit values. Save the file and reboot operating system. That should apply the modified settings. The tool is blank probably because it is unable to find config. file location automatically — the location changed in Win8.

  8. is there a way to use the tablet in vertical placement ,rather than 0/180 it would be 90/-90 ???

  9. Hello!

    Does anyone know what the parameter PRESSURE SAFTEY MARGIN stands for?

    I’m trying to figure out why my surface pro sets that value to 0 and my cintiq sets it to 2.

    What are its practical implications?

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